About Us

Fresh Juice!

In the summer of 2012, the founder of Juice Stars was given a juice machine by a good friend. A whole new world opened up for him and he was impacted by the benefits of incorporating fresh juice into his life. He started including fresh juice in his daily diet and would do a cleanse once a year.

A couple of summers later, while visiting friends and family in Europe, he discovered a self-service juice concept in the supermarkets there. He was amazed by its success and intrigued by how its ease and accessibility inspired people and gave them access to truly fresh juice. It is often human nature to simply take what is offered to us.

If a supermarket sells unhealthy products then the majority of people will buy what is on offer. If a supermarket sells only sweetened, pasteurized orange juice, then that is what the customer will pick off the shelf and place in their shopping cart. The self-service orange juice machines squeeze the oranges in front of the customer and into his or her bottle. It doesn't get any fresher than this. He watched as people lined up to fill their bottles with juice.

Upon return to the USA he immediately purchased his first machines, found his first locations in Las Vegas, NV and Juice Stars was launched. His goal was to make delicious, fresh and nutritious juice accessible to everyone at convenient locations for affordable prices. Simply put, he gave people the option to pick up a bottle of real, fresh orange juice instead of a can of soda.

The first Las Vegas locations were just as successful as those he had witnessed in Europe so he secured the funds and a team to roll out the concept to other States. Juice Stars is now open throughout Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, Oregon and Washington State. With the team in place to expand the self-service locations, the company is now solidifying the brand and what it stands for by opening juice bars, offering a complete range of fresh juices alongside the self-service juicers.

More coming soon!

The first Juice Stars juice bar opened in June 2017 at Fashion Show Mall on the Vegas Strip. In September 2018 Juice Stars purchased and took over the popular downtown lunch and juice bar, Smooth Eats and relaunched as Juice Stars Downtown in December 2018. 

More juice bars and self-service locations are planned for Las Vegas and other cities. 

We look forward to serving you!